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Today I want to share with you that Shimai registered to youtube and used to share videos, including product test video, product display video, product packing video, etc.

Last week was the second week of Shimai’s weekly update of new products. The first week updated the Confirmat Screw, and...

Confirmat ScrewMaterial: C1008 Finish: Zinc Plated / Nickel Plated Size:5*40,5*50,6.3*50, 7.0*40,7.0*60,7.0*70, etc. Com...

With the launch of the Online Canton Fair in 2020, the live broadcast boom is coming. Last week, shimai began to prepare...

When using expansion bolts, you must first drill holes of the corresponding size on the fixed body with an impact electr...

On May 19 local time, the United Kingdom announced a new version of the tariff system after Brexit to replace the EU's p...

Rivet nuts are used in indoor and window assemblies. The purpose is to solve the problems that the metal plate is too th...

Product Name:Concrete drive pin shooting nail with the metal/plastic washerFeature: Flat Head and sunken head, diamond p...