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Come on, Fasteners!Come on, Worldwide!

Because the raw materials produced in China were affected by the new crownpneumonia epidemic, most factories have not resumed work, resulting in thelack of raw materials for accessories that would have been scheduled in February, and whether it is still unclear whether to resume supply in March,resulting in hidden concerns for furniture production .

According to industry sources, there are not many supplies of spare parts stocks for local manufacturers, which are only enough to maintain until March.If the spare parts raw materials are not returned, the production line may beaffected. Currently, the major impacts are panel furniture and cloth leatherfurniture.

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"Accessories raw materials include furniture hardware screws, screw caps, setting nails, cabinet welding (commonly known as butterfly), drawer rails, slide rails (commonly known as railways), furniture sofa PVC leather, furniture bed slats (LVL) and structural furniture Board (LVB), etc."

The industry revealed that the relevant raw materials are mainly used in the production of furniture cabinets, drawers, Gushen, sofas, and bedding.


In March, China ’s new coronavirus epidemic gradually stabilized. We officially went to work on March 6, and the factory also started production. Our main products are drywall screws, chipboard screws, self-tapping screws, self-drilling screws, as well as common nails, concrete nails, roofing nails, clout nails, headless nails, double head nails, blind rivets and so on. This epidemic is a very rare challenge for our company. I believe we will definitely survive the difficulties and create greater glories.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone here: you must wear a mask when going out; stay away from crowded people; wash your hands frequently; do not touch your face, eyes, and mouth with your hands. I wish you all good health!