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A worldwide problem-coronavirus

   As of 4 pm on April 7, 208 countries and regions have confirmed cases worldwide, with a total of 1,340,082 cases diagnosed and 74096 deaths. Among them, the cumulative diagnosis of 368079 in the United States and 10923 deaths. It is currently the country with the largest number of diagnoses in the world. During the epidemic, a lot of rumors were circulating. In addition to causing a lot of panic, these rumors also caused people to do some wrong actions. These rumors include:

1.Can high-intensity exercise increase resistance during the new coronavirus epidemic?

Xu Jianfang, a researcher at the Institute of Science of the State Sports General Administration of China: Prolonged and intensive exercise can lead to physical dysfunction, decreased immune function, and increased risk of sports injuries. Therefore, it is particularly taboo not to exercise or exercise for assault. What kind of exercise intensity is appropriate: after exercise, I feel mild shortness of breath, my body is slightly warm, my face is reddish, and my heart feels relaxed and happy. Although I feel a little tired, it can be eliminated after a rest, and there is no pain or numbness.

2. Can bathe in hot water at 56 ° C fight viruses?

Taking a hot bath cannot raise body temperature, fight viruses, and may be life-threatening. It takes at least 56 ° C and 30 minutes to kill the new coronavirus. bathe can be used to disinfect the surface of objects. People washing in the water at 56 ° C for half an hour may get a fever and risk their lives. The body temperature of the human body is relatively constant, and taking a hot bath cannot raise the body temperature and cannot prevent viruses.

3.A scholar from a country: Is the new coronavirus artificial?

Dispelling rumors: false statements, the possibility of deliberate misleading. A scholar from a certain country believes that the new coronavirus has been inserted into several fragments of the HIV virus and implies that it is artificial. However, a closer study revealed that these fragments he studied existed in a large number of other viruses. So why did you single out HIV and say things? So there is the possibility of deliberate misleading. According to the latest news: under the pressure of criticism and comment from global scholars, the first author of the article finally realized the problems and technical errors he analyzed. He said in the commentary that this article was a superficial study and decided to withdraw the current manuscript.

4. Can drinking high alcohol resist new coronavirus?

Drinking it will not affect the virus. Alcohol does kill viruses. But it must be a 75% concentration of alcohol disinfection products, and can only be used for body surface disinfection. Drinking high alcohol into the body will only be absorbed and metabolized, and will not affect the virus.

5. Can I wear a multi-layer mask to protect against viruses?

Wearing multiple masks may cause breathlessness

There is no need to wear multiple masks. It is recommended to choose N95 / KN95 or general surgical masks, and one layer is enough. The protective effect of other masks is not as good as these three. Wearing multiple masks may also cause breathlessness.

6. Is running nose and sputum, not coronavirus?

Based on whether you have runny nose and sputum, it is determined that it is not coronavirus, which is inaccurate.

The "New Coronavirus Infected Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Program (Trial Version 5)" issued by the National Health and Health Commission mentioned that the main manifestations of new coronary pneumonia are fever, fatigue, and dry cough. A few patients have symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, and diarrhea. Therefore, it is inaccurate to judge decisively that it is not new coronary pneumonia based on whether you have runny nose and expectoration.

The above is the correction of some wrong statements.

What should I do if I suspect I have a new coronavirus?

1. If you suspect that you are infected with the new coronavirus, don't panic first, don't go to crowded places, wear masks, and keep at least one meter away from your family.

2. Pay attention to indoor ventilation and personal hygiene.

3. Then go to the hot spot clinic of the nearest designated treatment hospital. In the process of medical treatment, try to avoid taking subways, buses and other means of transportation. When you arrive at the hospital, you must actively tell the doctor who you have contacted and whether you have traveled or lived in the affected area within the past two weeks. In addition, we must cooperate with the doctor to carry out the investigation.

4. Be sure to trust the doctor, some patients have overcome the new coronavirus under the active treatment of the doctor, and finally achieved the purpose of cure.

How to prevent new coronavirus?

1. Minimize outing activities

a) Avoid going to areas where the disease is endemic.           

   b) Reduce to crowded activities in public places, especially places with poor air mobility, such as public baths, hot springs, theaters, Internet cafes, KTVs, shopping malls, stations, airports, docks, exhibition halls, etc.

2. Personal protection and hand hygiene

a) It is recommended to wear a mask when going out. Go out to public places, get medical treatment and take public transportation.When passing the tool, wear a medical-surgical mask or N95 mask.

b) Maintain hand hygiene. Reduce exposure to public goods and parts of public places; from the public; After returning to the place, after coughing and covering your hands, and before eating, wash with hand soap or soap hands, or use a hand-washing liquid containing alcohol; when you are not sure whether your hands are clean, Avoid touching the nose, mouth, and eyes with your hands; cover your mouth, nose, and mouth with your elbow clothes when sneezing or coughing.

3. Maintain good hygiene and healthy habits

a) Open windows frequently in the living room and ventilate frequently.

b) Family members do not share towels, keep their homes and tableware clean, and dry clothes frequently.

c) Don't spit on the ground, wrap the mouth and nose secretions with paper towels, and dispose of in the dustbin with lid.

d) Pay attention to nutrition and exercise moderately.

e) Do not touch, buy and eat wild animals (ie game); try to avoid going to the market that sells live animals (poultry, seafood, wild animals, etc.).

f) Household thermometers, medical-surgical masks or N95 masks, household disinfection supplies, and other supplies.

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