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SHIMAI's Big "Move"

Our company “Shimai” is an advanced manufacturer with import and export rights in fastener business. We introduced the advanced production equipment and superb technology, then has a series of advanced professional screw production lines. Our main products are drywall screws, chipboard screws, self-tapping screws, self-drilling screws, , as well as common nails, concrete nails, anchors, blind rivets and so on. With more than 10,000 tons of annual production, we serve various industries and fields at home and abroad.

We has passed the EU quality management system certification-CE and get SGS certificate, So quality guaranteed. With over 10 years experience of exporting, we have the ability to meet customer's needs and wants and we are making great efforts to make win-win situation.

In order to better interact with everyone, Shimai began to promote on social media. Although we have n’t done enough well so far, we ca n’t wait to share with you. Our various marketing channels are as follows:





If you have a better media channel and are willing to share with us, please leave us a message, we need your advice and help.


In these media, you can more easily see our product pictures, descriptions and operations, and we will update and pass on more product content and company information in a timely manner. If you browse our posts and find that the copy is not rigorous or wrong, the product picture quality is too poor or fuzzy, the video is stuck, etc., you can also tell us that we will try our best to correct it.       

   In the future, we will gradually launch public accounts such as WeChat public account, YouTube, Tik tok, etc. I hope you will pay more attention and support! Our company has always been adhering to the service attitude of customer satisfaction, we adjust our own direction according to your after-sales evaluation.

   In order to meet everyone's needs as much as possible, our company launched a one-stop shopping, constantly high-quality new products, these products will be updated in time on Alibaba and various media, so stay tuned!



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